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Smart Commission Options for Sellers

Option 1

1% Listing Commission

Includes professional posting in the Multiple Listing Service and the options outlined below. Although negotiable, we suggest a 2.5% commission incentive to the agent presenting the accepted offer. Therefore, the total commission would equal 3.5% (1% to Spicer plus 2.5% to the buyer’s agent).

Option 2

2% Listing Commission

We think this option reflects where the future of residential real estate sales is headed. It includes a professional MLS presentation along with the services outlined below. There’s no commission advertised via the MLS to buyers’ agents. They can still show the property and buyers may choose to pay their agents directly. Alternatively, the buyer may come straight to our firm for assistance without paying a buyer’s agent commission.

Option 3

3% Listing Commission

Most often used by homeowners and institutions looking for a traditional approach to selling their property. These might include banks, trusts or homeowners who are not comfortable using technology to communicate and sign documents. Our Traditional Commission option includes all the services outlined below and a 6% total commission rate.

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  • Market analysis to help you understand pricing strategy and market conditions
  • Home staging advice when needed
  • Virtual Tours
  • Open house (optional and used only if needed)
  • Listing posted to Zillow, Trulia,, Facebook and many other popular listing portals.
  • The MLS listing also includes postings to and other local Realtor web sites
  • We schedule showings at a time convenient for you
  • We provide feedback so you know what buyers and agents think about your home
  • Classic “for sale” white post yard sign
  • Electronic Realtor lockbox
  • Colorful handouts to be left in your home for buyers and showing agents
  • Periodic listing inventory updates & market condition reports
  • Expert guidance throughout the entire process
  • We qualify the buyers & take care of all the paperwork
  • We coordinate inspections, financing, title work and all other aspects of the transaction
  • We attend settlement with you or arrange remote signing for your convenience.